"Casanova was arrested here"

Installation / Performance, 2016

Piazzetta dei Leoni, San Marco, Venice.

"In 2009 I was arrested in Venice and ended up spending more than 6.000,00€ in legal expenses and compensations, a process that took around 5 years to solve on court. It all started because I was with my ex-girlfriend seated around the steps of Piazzeta Dei Leoni (Piazza San Marco), something that is surprisingly forbidden. Ended up accused of "Nudism", more precisely of "stripping down my pants, showing my penis to the police women and simulating the sexual act". Ironic, but no, I didn't follow the steps of the other Casanova, the local one, that was prosecuted for "similar" offenses. This fictional accusation was the way they found to wrap me on an unbelievable mafia style system to ripe off tourists and to take a case to court (possible sentence between 3 months and 3 years in prison)..."


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