Made in Mars Arkitekter

Cotas House, Douro, Portugal.

7 Circulos | 7 Circles - Pedro Campos Costa and Eduardo Costa Pinto

Special Commission for the book project "7 Circles"

"Contemporary notions of walls/barriers along the former locations of the XIV century city walls of Lisbon".

Carrilho da Graça Architect

Architectural Models for the exhibition "Carrilho da Graça: Lisboa" at CCB - Garagem Sul

Book published by Dafne Editora

Promontório Architects

Retail Park, Matosinhos, Portugal.

Architect Hugo Barros / da costa Atelier

Dental Clinic, Gaia, Portugal.

Architects Marta Rocha and Fabien Vacelet

RV House, Gaia, Portugal.

*Vencedor Prémio Nacional de Arquitectura com Madeira

Parq Magazine #37 - March 2013 (PT)

Reportage on 5 Porto night clubs / bars 

JA - Jornal Arquitectos #246 (PT)

Architecture Models - Atelier da Bouça

Book "Floating Images" by Lars Muller Publishers

Edited by André Tavares and Pedro Bandeira

Architect Souto de Moura Office

Aletier Matrioskas

Product Design

Atelier Matrioskas

Interior Design

Built with Berta.me