Essay about "The imagery of an emotional space"

Tiago Casanova


When a house or a space belong to us, or when we have an intimate affinity with it [1], the elements that compose that architecture, like the decoration, the textures, the patterns or the objects, generally have two distinct characteristics: some of the elements spend a lifetime unknown, and other are of paramount importance for their emotional value.


The photographic image is used to illustrate the personal character of an architectural space and the people that live there, or that have always had some relation with it. Eric de Maré, in his quotation refers the way the photographer explores this idea. He states that The Photographer is perhaps the best architectural critic, for by felicitous framing and selection he can communicate direct and powerful comments both in praise and protest. [2]


[1] Maternal grandparents house (Series 1), Paternal grandfather restoration workshop (Series 2).

[2] Eric de Maré, National Monuments Periodical, 2007.

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